Reggie Watts on Tour with Conan O’Brien

Reggie will be on tour with Conan O’brien for the “Illegally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television Tour” this spring. Check him out in the following cities.

No shows booked at the moment.

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9 Responses to “Reggie Watts on Tour with Conan O’Brien”

  1. Rich Winters says:

    We saw you last night in Vegas, and in a word, it was “inspirational”. I would just like to take a minute to say “Thank You”. You are a True Original Genius and may you find success in your ability to balance certain fame while still being brilliant. Thanks again, Reggie.

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  3. Rick says:

    Reggie, saw you at Conan in Dallas.. I can only say WOW.. I was in awe! Incredible man!

  4. vinny says:

    Come to Chicago. I hooked

  5. UC says:

    You were hands-down the best part of the Conan Show at Radio City last night…. Including Conan himself. Keep your Fuck, Shit, Stack growing brother.

  6. brian says:

    hey reggie,
    i got a chance to see you two nights in a row (second boston show/mohegan sun) and i thought you did two wonderful sets. i was amazed at how different the two sets were and, dare i say, after seeing the full show two days in a row, your second night’s set was the funniest thing (aside from the insane shit that chuck norris contributed, sorry, but that loon can’t be topped by anyone. ANYone.) anyway, be well, and i hope that i’ll get a chance to catch you again some time.

  7. Linsay says:

    You were amazing at Mohegan Sun! I can’t wait to see more of your material.

  8. Mike says:

    Saw you last night in Atlanta, you are really talented! Incredibly funny i will be buying your DVD

  9. Dino Schulatz says:


    I saw you recently at Bonnaroo. I have to say that I saw a lot of bands in a very short period of time and you stood out the most. I rocked anything worth seeing there and the only thing I could talk about the whole way home was that I wish you stayed up there longer. It is a gift what you have never stop using it !!! Oh yeah and come to Chicago bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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