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The New York Times and New York Magazine profile Reggie Watts
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Press Quotes:

“Reggie Watts is as unique as they get. He combines comedy and music into some sort of magical ear-and-eye-potion that you can't escape! His holiday performance was the last "Conan" act in 2010, and what a fricking awesome way to go out!” - Team Coco, The Decade's Top 11 Music Performances

Comedy Central Hot List 2010

“Comic genius” – GQ “Man Of The Year” feature, 2010

“This year’s most exciting new comedian” - SPIN's Best New Comedian 2010

“Reggie Watts is a comedian like platypuses are mammals:  weirdly and awesomely” – Rolling Stone “Hot Comedian”, Hot Issue 2010

“Reggie’s act transcends comedy” – Michael Showalter

“Reggie is a man of towering genius” – Brian Eno

“intoxicatingly strange and hysterical” – NY Press

“One thing's for sure: Reggie Watts is one funny guy…No two Watts songs are ever the same, nor is any other performer like him”- WNYC

“Remarkably talented” – Culture Bully

“Your ears are going to lick their fingers after listening to Reggie Watts” – Breakthru Radio

“he is a heaving mass of synapses, magnetism and creativity, and arguably the most wildly inventive new talent of the past five years” – LA Weekly

“If Al Green were a stand-up comedian who grew up during the golden age of hip-hop. Watts' set involves the comedian-singer improvising absurd, surreal comedy songs over his own looped beatboxing” –  Best Of CMJ 2010

“Recommended If You Like: Flight of the Conchords, Ween.”  Best Of CMJ 2010

“To describe what comedian-cum-performance artist-cum-multimedia theater piece conjurer Reggie Watts does in his act would take about 1,000 words to accurately convey.” – MetroMix Pick, CMJ 2010: 15 Bands you should not miss

“a hilarious trip with one of the best beat-box artists ever, who also happens to be an intellectual in-joke genius” – Knoxville News Sentinel

“deliciously strange” – LA Times

“the multitalented Watts (who also writes music for the terrific FX series "Louie") is onto something new, and it's seriously funny.”- LA Times

“Any attempt to describe what Reggie Watts does onstage will inevitably fail to convey the dizzying heights of absurdity the man regularly achieve” – Village Voice

“Watts's witty, eccentric live act is as impossible to categorize as it is to forget” - Gothamist

“The incandescent comic/musician — who's like the love child of Zach Galifianakis and Jack Black, plus a giant Afro… could fill the edgy urban comedy void that's been sadly empty since Dave Chappelle's meltdown.” – TV Guide

“This freewheeling, beat-boxing, musical-comedy madman blows minds and steals hearts whether he's opening for Conan O'Brien, appearing on Comedy Central in his own special or doing ten minutes in a Williamsburg bar.” – Time Out New York

“Soulful, hilarious and nearly entirely improvised, Watts is a rare figure who seems barely able to contain his own creative brilliance. “ – Crave Online

“Reggie Watts—the man is nothing short of a comic genius.” - What It Is

“It’s hard to say what Reggie Watts is. He’s not a comedian—at least not in the traditional sense of someone who stands on a stage and tells jokes. He’s also not a musician in the traditional sense. He is, however, both of those things when he performs. He creates symphonies from scratch on stage, using nothing but a loop pedal and his own voice. He plays with language, often spewing out nonsensical run-on sentences while shifting accents and languages—he might start as a valley girl, slowly meld it into a British accent, then, seamlessly, begin speaking German. There is rarely a punch line, but that’s kind of his thing.“ - Paste

“REGGIE WATTS = punkest shit I've seen in ages (meaning, "new hero").” – Ted Leo via twitter

“The crowd had come to see Aziz Ansari, but they left converts to Watts' wry free-associative humor” –  “Best of Bonnaroo”

“a one-of-a-kind comedic talent who proves with each stand-up set that originality still exists” – CollabSociety

“Reggie Watts is the Coolest Comedian on the Planet” – GQ

“Reggie Watts Is Our New Favorite Person” –

“spectacularly original” – New York Magazine

“We might be witnessing the birth of Reggie Watts as a national phenomenon: Zach Galifianakis 2010” – New York Times

“Every performance by Watts -- currently on tour as the opening act for Conan O'Brien -- is a singular sensation, as individual as the man himself.”- The Comics Comic

“Perhaps the closest approximation of a comparison would be to liken Watts to Zach Galifianakis as a beatbox artist, rapper and international chameleon, but even that seems universes away from adequate. Befitting his untamed fro, Watts is a force of nature, a mad hurricane who can shift personas, accents and topics in a flash -- not in the ridiculous material-stealing manner of Robin Williams, but in the seemingly unmethodical way of someone with a genuine personality disorder. Only he's consistently funny and never disturbing.” – California Chronicle

“WSSC? provides a picture of Watts in all his glory: creating songs layer by layer with his loop pedal, swelling across his purported ten-octave range, blustering in British accents and horsing around with mike stands, trademark ’fro hovering overhead…[a] titillating fun-house ride with this playful prodigy.” – Time Out New York

“The hilarious, multi-talented beat-box master Reggie Watts is an experience not to be missed. For music lovers, comedy lovers and anyone who likes to have a good time.” – NY Press

“Watts is a fearless performer who has pulled legions of fans into his sphere, forcing them to recognize the beauty and genius of his music and style. That is the hallmark of a revolutionary artist.” – The Bureau Chiefs

“it completely set the tone for a night of unpredictable comedy and musical numbers. His one-man beat box was phenomenal, as was the Shakespearean poem about macaroni and cheese. But Reggie Watts’ shining moment was the lullaby he wrote specifically for Conan’s children.” –

“the massively afro-ed Reggie Watts won over the crowd with his nonchalant absurdity and questionable accents, channeled through on-the-fly digitally layered songs with ridiculous concepts…His songs work well on his recent CD-DVD debut Why Shit So Crazy?, but Watts is best experienced live.” – The Onion

“Watts is a Hendrix-haired human beat-box who squishes stand-up, stream-of-consciousness storytelling and music into a glorious, inimitable mess” – Eye Weekly

“The weirdest man to ever define cool makes beats, rhymes, and blows your mind.” –

“Enormously funny and completely irreverent he had the crowd in tears by the end of his set.” – Tulsa Today

“The hilarious experimental comedian has been on the rise for some time now, particularly since Conan O'Brien selected him to open his national tour. The DVD/CD includes Watts' Comedy Central special, a full album and lots of extras.” – USA Today Release O’ The Week

"I laughed till I cried. And then, when I thought I couldn't take any more, Watts started this sing-along with the audience that just got sillier and sillier and ended with him doing a sound effect of a catfight. At the sound of the cat I bent over and pretended not to listen just to keep from falling helplessly into the empty folding chair in front of me." – Kansas City Star

“It’s altogether weird, wonderful and sublimely funny.” – Toronto Star

“He has a really great, creative, unusual act. He’s amazingly talented…people like Reggie Watts come out and I think maybe open them up to new ideas about what comedy is, because he integrates music, hip-hop, comedy, and creates this, I think, amazing performance" – Conan O’Brien
“Watts, the New York-via-Seattle absurdist-via-music, is doing what hardly anybody dares in the world of stand-up comedy — making it all up as he goes. Armed with a loop machine and a willingness to let his mind wander far from the dock, Watts creates sprawling, ear-tickling songs that are punctuated by laughter but typically only after untying a pretzel of deep thought. Nothing is ever repeated — he creates each beat and lyric in the moment, and his upcoming CD/DVD from Comedy Central,Why Shit So Crazy?, is an amalgam of tracks hatched at different shows.  These things are certain: It’s fascinating, it’s made him a cult hero among fellow performers and it’s chewing up audiences like brushfire. “ – Punchline Magazine
“If you’re lucky enough to catch Conan O’Brien’s sold out tour you’ll be rolling before he even steps out on stage because of a guy name Reggie Watts.” – BattalionArmour

“Seattle performer Reggie Watts warmed up the audience with an electric and eclectic mix of music, comedy, theater and even a little dance. His profanity-laced beat boxing and rap had the audience in stitches, and his digs at pretentious poets, science-fiction fans and Wolfgang Puck’s salty and fatty foods were hilarious.” Las Vegas Sun
“Describing Reggie Watts’ genre-hopping comedy act is a lot more difficult than simply experiencing it. Terms like “postmodern” and “meta” might help locate his mix of stand-up, beatboxing, off-the-cuff sampling and a cappella improvisation, but only because his disorienting performances are as much about commenting on the forms of stage entertainment as the content. Ultimately, Watts’ unique voice knows how to do what counts: make audiences laugh.” – Denver Post
“Make sure to arrive early for Reggie Watts, a performer who's generally considered a comedian but whose shows transcend the usual stand-up tropes.” – The Onion

“we love Reggie Watts and can't wait to see his weird-ass comedy get a national platform” - Flavorwire
“the crowd got suitably warmed by Seattle-based comic/musician Reggie Watts. You probably haven't heard of him, but you really should Google the man and buy his shizzle in May (  Why? Because he's brilliant.” – Vancouver Sun
“Opener Reggie Watts, who can human-beatbox, craft loops and sing in falsetto simultaneously, like a one-man Gnarls Barkley.” Top Moments 10 Moments during Conan’s Variety Show, Las Vegas City Life

“Watts frequently achieves a level of transcendence otherwise uncommon to the New York City comedy scene that has come to adore and support him.” – TinyMixTapes

“Reggie Watts warmed up the audience with an electric and eclectic mix of music, comedy, theater and even a little dance. His profanity-laced beat boxing and rap had the audience in stitches, and his digs at pretentious poets, science-fiction fans and Wolfgang Puck’s salty and fatty foods were hilarious.” –

“Reggie Watts takes his voice and turns it into full blown (often funny) and profound audio symphonies. His vocal sampling talents boggle the mind and definitely prickle the little hairs in the less used parts of the ears. You could probably have a whole day’s worth of Reggie Watts entertainment by watching the plethora of videos on Vimeo and Youtube.” –

“is there anything Reggie Watts can’t accomplish?” - Punchline

“Reggie Watts has the perfect off-beat comedy to open for Coco” – TV Guide

“Reggie Watts is awesome” – San Francisco Bay Guardian

“His video for “Fuck Shit Stack” was the most hilarious send up of hip hop culture I’ve seen in awhile, and one of the more visually creative videos.” – San Francisco Bay Guardian

“one of the most talked-about comics in the alt-comedy scene” – Media Elites

“Reggie Watts, a surreal comic with a knack for accents, sound effects and songs about big purses. Perfect for Coco's crowd.” – Edmonton Journal

“brilliant, like a completely off-the-wall combo of Bobby McFerrin and Sacha Baron Cohen” – Jam Entertainment

“Reggie Watts kicked the evening off and lit a fire under the crowd” – Pacific Northwest Islander

“Watts took us down a path of esoteric comedy that complimented the off-the-wall humour of Conan. Slipping in and out of various accents from both sides of the Atlantic, Watts mumbled his way though satirical stand-up routines, played the keyboard while singing hilarious, technically impressive  songs and beatboxed out some awesome rhythms.” – The Vancouver Observer

“the disturbed musical genius is something you never forget.”  - Vancouver Straight

“With his huge, wobbling Afro, idiosyncratic voices and accents, and looped sound effects, Watts got the crowd roaring with more laughter than any other guest, including O'Brien's trusty foil Andy Richter” –

“the real show stopper was the always phenomenal beat-boxer and absurdist comedian Reggie Watts” – The Art Newspaper

From various personal blogs:
“Blisteringly hilarious”

“by the end of it, Watts had won the crowd over”

“This musical genius was the opening act for Coco and had me laughing my ass off during his entire performance.”

“an immensely talented comedian and musician. He is a man of many voices, each of them hilarious…The great thing about Reggie is that, when my friend and I returned to see the show on Sunday night, he had equally hilarious yet almost entirely different material.”

"Reggie Watts is a most unusual talent: a huge vocal range, a natural musicality, and a sidesplitting wit. Is he a comedian? A singer? A performance artist? I've seen him a few times since then and I still can't decide. Whatever, he ain't like nobody else." – Brian Eno

“Reggie Watts just blew everyone's minds as usual. Seriously, if you haven't seen this guy, make it a point to do so.”  Aziz Ansari







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